Formashape prototype

Fibreglass Prototypes Help You Start Small, To Go Big

Many of the world’s greatest monuments, technologies and treasures started as a small prototype that allowed creators to understand what was necessary to make their visions come to life on a greater scale. 


FormaShape builds fibreglass prototypes for projects that are still in the research and development phase, in order to help creators discern what changes need to be made before they construct their idea into a fully formed masterpiece. It can be helpful to see and use a model of your product before you put it into development, or you can utilize fibreglass prototypes to show to investors or at tradeshows.


The FormaShape team can join a project at any step of the process, including ideation, concept, design, engineering, mould building or producing the final product. No matter where you are in the process, we can help manufacture a fibreglass prototype that supports your vision.

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