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Create Lasting Opportunity with Custom Fibreglass Moulds

A premium finished part starts with a high-quality mould. Our custom fibreglass moulds can be counted on for hundreds or even thousands of finished parts, and those moulds will continue to build parts for years to come.

FormaShape utilizes a combination of the most trusted and reliable industry processes in the manufacturing of fibreglass products, including Open Mould, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), Reusable Vacuum Membrane (RVM) and Hand layup.

Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM)

RTM is most commonly used when the end product requires tight thickness tolerances and a smooth finish on both surfaces. RTM produces very strong products due to a high glass-to-resin ratio and outstanding strength-to-weight characteristics due to a compressed laminate in a closed mould process.

Reusable Vacuum Membrane (RVM)

Like the RTM process, RVM uses an A-side and a B-side to build high-strength products with a high glass-to-resin ratio and a smooth finish on both faces. However, rather than a solid B-side, the RVM process utilizes a flexible B-side, often a reusable silicone bag that is injected with resin under vacuum.  The advantage of RVM over RTM is a lower upfront cost due to not building a solid B-side tool. This is most common when expected production volumes are lower.

Open Mould

Open Mould is a lower cost, yet effective method, in the manufacturing of composites.  FormaShape uses both a spray-up (chopping) process and hand lay-up process, depending on the project. Open Mould is a well-established process that is seen on all types of commercial products like truck cabs and fenders, showers, tubs, spas, waterslides, play structures and hundreds of other well-known products.  Open mould products will have a smooth A-side finish with a slightly rough B-side.

Hand Layup

The tried and true process of hand laying glass and resin is still frequently used at FormaShape.  Our hand layup process starts with glass being placed into the mould, and then wet with resin.  The advantage of hand laying a part is that the manual process allows for almost any reinforcement material to be used.   

With custom fibreglass moulds, you can create lasting opportunities to develop products for many years to come. Contact us to learn more about FormaShape’s Custom Fibreglass Moulds.

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