Custom Fiberglass for Communication industry

Connecting the World.

These days, we are more connected than ever before, but that wouldn’t be the case without the incredible technology within the telecommunications industry. In order to keep us all connected, telecommunications companies far and wide have turned to FormaShape to produce FRP technology for in-field applications.


FormaShape can deliver customized solutions with the use of Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP). FRP is an ideal technology for a variety of components that telecommunications companies utilize to keep us connected. It’s unique properties of non-conductivity and radio transparency make it especially well-suited for the telephone, radio, television and internet sectors.

Protecting your connection.

Having worked with private and crown corporations across North America, FormaShape has experience developing towers, satellite dishes, shrouds and bases for in-field applications. The durability of FRP ensures that these projects are low maintenance which is crucial, given the often-remote nature of the sites.


FRP offers the highest strength to weight ratio of any material, which makes it the best option for in-field installations. Panels can be easily assembled in the most remote locations and the unsurpassed durability of fibreglass means lower ongoing maintenance costs for these projects.


Fibreglass is also an excellent option for antenna concealment projects with the ability to produce products that blend into the community, yet don’t interfere with communication signals.

Let’s Network.

FormaShape can provide many valuable solutions to telecommunications companies across North America. From towers to satellite dishes, shrouds and bases, we can deliver FRP applications that provide durability and security for a variety of telecommunications needs.


For a close-up look at the fibreglass work we did for our client, BC Hydro, to protect an antenna from winter ice build up, watch the video below.

A close-up look at our fibreglass work to protect an antenna from ice.

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No matter what industry you’re in, our team offers solutions that will meet your design, performance, processing and environmental requirements.

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