durable fiberglass canopies for Terpel

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The world’s leading petroleum processors and retailers have trusted FormaShape to deliver the beauty and durability of fibreglass in their retail environment for over 20 years. Creating a beacon that drives petroleum customers to these brands, and will hold up over time, is something that FormaShape prides ourselves on.

With the use of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), FormaShape designs and develops canopies, pump shrouds, cladding and fascia for petroleum retailers that offer functionality, durability and visibility. Petroleum retailers often operate in challenging climates and FRP has proven to be able to withstand heat, cold, wind and rain after years of exposure.

In addition to fibreglass’ resiliency, the FRP solution offers a unique marketing tool for petroleum retailers. Colour, lighting and design features can be utilized to make canopy fascia a useful tool in creating brand awareness.

FormaShape has manufactured FRP products for a variety of petroleum processors and retailers over the years including Petro-Canada, Delta-Sonic, Gas Plus, Irving Oil and Parkland Fuel. Here are a few of the ways that we’ve leveraged FRP solutions for our petroleum customers.

durable fiberglass canopies for Terpel

Petroleum Brochure

Learn more about how FormaShape works with the Petroleum Industry to build brands and increase sales. Download our brochure here. FormaShape has a range of well-designed moulds ready for your unique branding or the design team to help create a design all your own. Contact us to learn more and see what we can do for your brand.

Fibreglass canopies for Petro Canada - formashape composites


For over 20 years, FormaShape has been a trusted partner with Petro-Canada, a leader in the petroleum industry in Canada. Petro-Canada locations feature a custom canopy with their signature red and white in a high quality, automotive grade paint and premium red LED lighting. This signature branding sets Petro-Canada apart from the competition while providing their retail network with a product that is durable enough to withstand Canadian winters. Fibreglass canopies come with a 10 year paint warranty and the canopies themselves are still in place over 20 years later.

fiberglass durable canopies for Ultmar Petroleum

Regional Petroleum Partners

FormaShape Composites has been working with petroleum partners for over 20 years to provide the best looking and most durable canopies in the industry. No other material is as easy to install, durable, or eye catching as fibreglass. Our partners are well known worldwide brands like Parkland Fuels, Gas Plus, Jet Fuels, Irving Oil, Terpel, Gazel, Centex, Woodward Oil and many more.

FormaShape has a range of well designed moulds ready for your unique branding or the design team to help create a design all your own. Contact us to learn more and see what we can do for your brand.

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