Custom Fiberglass Solutions for Marine Industry

Where land ends, innovation begins.

From boat hulls to submersibles, marine construction equipment, docks, aquaculture systems and waterslides, FormaShape builds innovative solutions for a variety of marine structures.

When working with a product that must withstand marine conditions, you want to have complete confidence that the structure will be durable and resistant to the elements. FormaShape fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) is corrosion resistant when submerged and stands the test of time for most marine uses. It is also ideal for both fresh and saltwater marine applications.

FRP offers a lightweight, flexible option for complex marine designs that require a unique solution. Here are a few of the ways that we use composite fabrication to support marine technology


For products that are fully submerged in water, durable FRP is imperative. FormaShape has worked on submersible projects with companies like Cellula Robotics, to design and produce FRP applications that protect valuable underwater equipment.

Waterslides and Waterparks

FormaShape has over 40 years of experience manufacturing fibreglass applications for waterslides and waterparks. These waterslides and waterpark features are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including temperature and weather. FRP technology is a vital piece of the puzzle to allow families the chance to enjoy a day at the waterpark.

For a detailed look at some of the waterslides and waterpark projects that FormaShape has worked on all over the world, visit and We are proud to partner with these leaders in waterpark development.

FormAShape marine solutions

Quality Fibreglass Applications for Marine Products

FormaShape has experience working with fibreglass in every scenario when it comes to marine applications. From intense heat to bitter cold, saltwater, freshwater, contaminated water, products that live in water or that just come in contact with it, we have developed an FRP solution for any marine condition.

Our engineers assist in finding the right combination of material properties to make the FRP durable and functional, no matter the conditions. They source the proper glass, resin, gel coat and other materials for the most unique circumstances, and deliver a product that is best suited for your marine needs.

FormaShape offers a wide variety of fibreglass applications that allow marine products to operate with great function and complete confidence. Contact us to discuss how our FRP technology can be applied to your marine project.


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