Custom Fiberglass Molding for Films and TV Sets

Bringing your vision to life, so that you can bring it to the big screen.

Movies and television shows appeal to our imaginations and allow us to dream far beyond today’s reality. The creators of these cinematic experiences are artists that often conceive elaborate ideas for their film sets, and take us into the realm of what could be.

Luckily, FormaShape has the technology and the talent to create these film sets and props from scratch. With the largest 5-axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine in Western Canada, FormaShape is able to build large structures with precise design tolerances for use on film sets.

With this technology and skill, FormaShape can use fibreglass manufacturing to create props and sets that look like the real thing. From intergalactic spaceships to futuristic metropolis set designs and props of all kinds, we can develop all that you need for a film set.

An extensive experience in artistic theming has given FormaShape the ability to build realistic film sets for movie and television production, bringing your vision to life so that you can bring it to the big screen.

FormaShape props and scenery can be found in well-known movies from studios such as Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox, including Alien vs. Predator, Superman Returns, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Altered Carbon.

These are a couple of great examples of how our fibreglass applications

go from the planning process to the big screen in Alien vs. Predator.

Creative Fibreglass Applications for Film Sets

FormaShape’s applications can be developed and manipulated in a variety of ways to deliver realistic props and set designs for all kinds of films. Wherever your film takes place, in whatever era and with any kind of prop, FormaShape offers creative solutions to design a set that takes the viewer wherever you want to take them.

Contact us to discuss your vision for your movie or television set and how we can help bring that vision to life.

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