Custom Fiberglass Molding Panels for Bridges

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From bridges to buildings like banks and upscale developments, FormaShape does architecture like no one else.

We have the advantage of using fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) in architectural projects, which exhibits greater durability than other types of materials. In addition to its durability, the flexibility of FRP is also ideal for curves and intricate design features. With FRP, buildings and bridges can be constructed in eye-catching designs that make you look twice.

FRP materials do not corrode or rust, reducing the long-term maintenance costs, as well as keeping buildings and bridges in glistening condition for many years. Additionally, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and the ability to meet all international fire spread requirements make FRP the preferred option over other materials.

Whether you are designing an upscale, high-rise development or a bridge that should be both functional and a piece of art, FormaShape can utilize our fibreglass technologies to clad these structures in beautiful ways that will last for many years.

FormaShape has provided some of the most eye-catching FRP cladding around the world.

Custom Fiberglass Panels for Bridges


In 2012, the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation began construction on a new 2493 ft bridge to improve access to the Cole bay area of St. Maarten from the airport.  FormaShape partnered with Lievense Construction Engineers to provide LED lighting and cladding for the bridge design. In September 2017, the island saw heavy damage from Hurricane Irma and the strength of the fibreglass cladding was put to the test. The bridge and the fibreglass withstood the hurricane-force winds with only minor damage.

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Being a luxury development in Vancouver requires world-class engineering, and the One Pacific development delivers this with a clear bottom pool that overhangs the city streets below. Our partner, Concord Pacific won the award as the best high rise development in the city for it’s design. We were honored to be a part of this development by providing FRP cladding that will provide decades of beauty and durability for this luxurious building.

FormaShape has been manufacturing architectural cladding for over 20 years and we stand behind our quality and design on all projects. To discuss how FRP can benefit your architectural project, let’s get in touch.

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