Design Engineering

FormaShape's™ Design Engineering team apply state-of-the-art NEi Nastran finite element analysis software, SolidWorks 3D mechanical CAD programming, and over 30 years of composites design experience to support your project from conception through to completion.
Click on FormaShape's™ Design Engineering Samples for a larger view.

Our design engineering services include:

  • Prototype design
  • Detail part drawings
  • Photorealistic renderings and animations
  • Materials specification
  • Attachment systems
  • Site Drawings and Installation Instructions
  • Shipping & Crating
  • Data Management
Photorealistic renderings and animations allow engineers to communicate how future products will look and perform early in the development cycle. After evaluating initial designs with clients, engineers can promptly revise or adapt preliminary model designs to suit client needs.
Design Engineering Rendering
In addition, NEi Software for Nastran Finite Element Analysis software provides reliable stress analysis on complex parts, while SolidWorks 3D modelling provides a powerful tool for visualizing, designing, and demonstrating product components. Click on the images below for demos.
The combined capabilities of Nastran/SolidWorks software and Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) support unlimited shaping and design possibilities. FRP is the most designer-friendly exterior façade material for products with complex, compound, and curvilinear parts, as well as 3D shapes, logos, and branded images.

FRP Characteristics and Advantages

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