5-Axis CNC Milling & Machining

FormaShape™ owns and operates one of North America's largest 5-Axis CNC Routers. The PaR Systems MR125 provides a massive working envelope of 12.5m x 4.85m x 1.83m for cutting and milling complex shapes and contours for "large part" composite applications.
5-axis shapes and patterns
The 5-Axis Computer Numeric Control Router (CNC Router) provides automated milling and fabrication of three dimensional objects. The five axes of integrated motion offers designers the freedom to add innovative, complex, curvilinear contours and lines into their unique composites projects.
The router has an X-axis 12.5 meters, a Y-axis of 4.85 meters and a Z-axis of 1.83 meters. It can build precise 3D shapes ranging from the size of a basketball up to a 40 foot boat hull.

Currently, FormaShape™ builds some parts that exceed 160 square feet, or 15 square meters. Other industries with a need for large composite parts include marine, wind turbines, signage, bath tubs, and civil infrastructure.

Plug & Mold Fabrication

On Average, FormaShape produces 5 new RTM molds per month, designed for use in high volume part production.

Formashape has over 10 years of experience with more than 1000 RTM molds in regular production at our fiberglass facility.

5-Axis Plug and mold

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Learn about Light RTM Tooling and Mold Building

For more information, or to get a quote, contact:

Russ Mulder, Plug / Mould Fabrication Specialist
Tel: (250) 766-6611, or email: russ.mulder@formashape.com

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