SilkTek Curved Composite Material

Water Slides


FormaShape builds waterslides.


Big waterslides.


...and lots of them.

FormaShape™ manufactures the fiberglass for its sister company, Whitewater West Industries Ltd., which is the largest water parks attraction company in the world. We produce a wide variety of fiberglass (FRP) products and are the only manufacturer to use a closed molded process (RTM) to create our SilkTek™ waterslide series with a perfectly smooth surface on both sides to create a much superior waterslide.
FormaShape™ is leading the aquatics industry with innovations such as SilkTek™, and providing advanced quality products ensured by the ISO 9001 standard, as well as using Lean manufacturing principles. This means that our customers have the assurance of receiving the very best products the industry has to offer, with on time delivery, and knowing that FormaShape™ is continually eliminating waste to provide the most competitive pricing possible.
Whitewater West has two manufacturing facilities, one located in Richmond, B.C., for steel fabrication to produce our AquaPlay™ interactive play structures, and the other, FormaShape,™ located in Kelowna, B.C. where our 80,000 ft² / 7,500 m² facility produces FRP waterslides and attractions and 3D Architectural Theme Park Objects. FormaShape™ is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility.

The Aqualoop

Aqualoop1 Aqualoop2 Aqualoop3

Disney Cruise Line Slide

Disney Cruise1 Disney Cruise2 Disney Cruise3

Carnival Spirit Slide

Carnival Spirit 1 Carnival Spirit 2 Carnival Spirit 3
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