SilkTek Curved Composite Material

Composite Wall Cladding


Engineered composite materials offer unprecedented design
flexibility for architectural and construction applications.

For over a decade, Formashape™ has been delivering innovative image solutions through the application of FRP to major retail brands across North America.


By combining the unique properties of SilkTek™, curved composite materials (CCM), with the company's expertise in engineering and manufacturing, Formashape™ has developed a wall cladding product that offers limitless options for colors, textures, a sleek seamless appearance, and bold brand statements.
Custom engineered external fiberglass wall cladding withstands UV radiation, repels the elements, and supports large, exterior signage.
Engineering software provides reliable stress analysis. The durable final product is safe and secure in all weather conditions. The following link to the Scotiabank case study demonstrates just how important this was for the Scotiabank project in the unique climate of Latin America.
Architectural cladding panels(5’ x5')surrounding an entrance door and above the concrete apron. Panels are secured by FormaShape’s™ proprietary clip system and sealed.

The paneling system comes with a high-gloss paint finish and a ten-year no-fade warranty.
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