SilkTek Curved Composite Material

Signage & Brand Elements


Engineered composite architectural signage has unprecedented design flexibility for complex 3D shapes and compound curves. Composite materials are very fatigue resistant and do not fade, peel, or crack.

All of our signs are engineered to keep out damage from chemicals, vandalism, the weather, and the sun. FRP endures temperatures of -40ºF to 190ºF. Composite materials do not corrode, and are not sensitive to common chemicals such as grease, oils, paints and solvents, and petroleum.

Composite signs are ideal for use in the harshest environments indoors or outdoors. Unlimited shapes and color selection ensures adherence to brand standards and corporate image.

FRP has a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to other materials such as concrete, metals, and thermoplastics. The light-weight components are easier to install, requiring less equipment, time, and manpower costs.

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