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(version 3.0, June 12, 2010)

Engineered SilkTek™ gas station canopy fascia is available in vibrant brand colors and supports innovative re-branding designs with stylish, curvilinear, 3D shapes. Formashape's™ fiberglass reinforced plastic is durable and warranted for a long lasting facility brand image. Our products are designed and manufactured for rapid installation, superior durability, and long term maintenance compared to metal exterior cladding products.

SilkTek Cross Section

SilkTek Cross Secion

Advantages over Traditional ACM

  SilkTek CCM ACM/Aluminum

Unlimited Shapes
  • Molding process achieves 100% repetition of exact part dimensions and thicknesses.

  • SilkTek can be formed to radii of less than 6mm.

  • Silktek can be used to consolidate multiple parts into one seamless 3 dimensional part.
  • Mechanical process for bending is subject to operator variability and part to part inconsistency.
  • Minimum Radii of 45mm to 60mm.
  • Complex shapes require multiple parts with high labor cost, visible seams and attachments.

Strength & Durability
  • SilkTek offers much higher strength to weight ratio and dent resistance compared to similar ACM panels.
  • Limited strength due to low impact resistance, prone to damage, causing distortion and misalignment during field installations.

Light Weight
  • Light-weight components are easy to install, requiring less equipment, time and manpower costs, with molded in attachments.
  • Flat sheet panels require precision fabrication and complex field attachment systems.

Flexible Designs
  • CCM molded parts can deliver virtually unlimited shape, size, and color of panels, including textured surfaces, paint and decal applications.
  • Compound curves and reveals not possible.

Opacity & Translucency
  • Revolutionary achievement in translucent, back lit panels using translucent vinyl decals.
  • No transparency possible.
For superior retail design and improved brand image for retail petroleum, carwash, and C-Store applications, SilkTek™ CCM is the product you've been looking for. Our design experts have worked closely with retail branding experts to develop some of the most stunning retail design and retail signage in the market. Some of our clients include:


Ultramar, a wholly owned division of Texas based Valero Energy, is the leading distributor of petroleum products in Quebec and the Maritimes, with a significant presence in Ontario, as well as the second largest refiner in Eastern Canada. Operating more than 800 retail petroleum stations, Ultramar partnered with Antista Fairclough Design and FormaShape to manufacture the new tier 1 image for their retail network.

The new design called for an unprecedented panel size of 16 feet to accommodate a seamless vinyl graphic that would present consistent color integrity during the day and when illuminated at night. Combining the durability of 3M translucent decals and BASF paint, FormaShape successfully innovated a translucent formulation of  SilkTek Curved Composite Materials. The final solution marks an industry wide achievement in combining shape, illumination and durability to achieve the most innovative and impressive canopy image in North America.


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Irving Oil

In 2004, Irving Oil commenced its re-branding project. Their designs include gas station canopy façade with lighting and pump shrouds, which cannot be duplicated in any other materials. The final BASF paint system ensures long term durability, and the overall look enhances the Irving experience for customers.

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Petro Canada

Formashape™ has been a market leader in the fabrication of Engineered Architectural Fiberglass starting the award-winning Petro Canada re-imaging project. As Strategic Alliance Partners, Petro-Canada (PC) and FormaShape cooperated to renovate over 1,200 retail gas stations Canada-wide with cost-effective painted fiberglass canopy fascia. Formashape is continuing to innovate and stylize the look and feel of "branded" retail facilites throughout North and South America for industries including banks, retail big box outlets, and major retail petroleum companies.

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