SilkTek Curved Composite Material

Convenience Store Fixtures

Tight fuel margins and tough competition are challenging petroleum and convenience store marketers to come up with innovative solutions for remaining competitive in the current market. The expansion of existing gas station locations to include convenience stores remains a strong trend as site rationalization makes it imperative that individual locations become more profitable. However, the choice of where gas station consumers decide to fill their tanks, or which brand of convenience products they buy often comes down to image. The brand loyalty and trust created by an effective marketing and re-imaging strategy goes a long way toward attracting and retaining customers.

Gas station branding has evolved at a rapid pace throughout history as companies revise their images to reflect market trends. But regardless of whether petroleum marketers choose catchy slogans, gimmicks, and jingles to add spice to their corporate image, or decide to design a fresh new look through architecture and signage, branding a gas station site usually involves the following condiderations:

  • Is the new design progressive, novel, and innovative
  • Will the new image distinguish itself by standing out from the crowd without sacrificing brand continuity
  • Does the branding application adapt to various sizes, shapes, and mediums
  • Is the option cost-effective, easy to implement and maintain
  • Will the return on investment justify the cost involved


Husky Energy

In 2004, A demonstration by FormaShape of the unique properties of fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP), was enough to persuade Husky Energy Inc. to appoint FormaShape to overhaul the architectural fascia on its entire network of Travel Centres.

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