SilkTek Curved Composite Material

Column Cladding

Engineered Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) column cladding provides unlimited shaping and finished surface capabilities with superior aesthetics, price, and durability over aluminum. Complex compound curves and moulded one piece fixtures ensure a sleek, seamless appearance for bold brand statements.

Husky Energy

"The original Husky design was comprised of metal cladding to cover existing structures," explained Roman Anisimovicz, Senior Staff Engineer for Husky’s Retail Marketing Group. "These tin fascias were large, difficult to install and expensive to maintain."

"Through collaboration with Henry Czenczek and the team at FormaShape, we were able to recreate the same Husky branding but in a smaller, modern and more efficient design. This FRP product has enabled us to substantially reduce the time it takes to remodel our Travel Centres. By application of its expertise, FormaShape has cut the installation time by at least 50 per cent," Anisimovicz said.

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