FormaShape News Articles

March 10, 2014
FormaShape Canopy sets Village Variety apart
When Trevor Lewis undertook a major renovation at his Village Variety & Gas Bar site in Shannonville, Ont., he didn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops, enlisting the help of BC-based FormaShape to develop a new and distinct look. . full article

October 10, 2012
Big Project, Small Details - Pumangol
When the team at FormaShape was hired to fabricate storefronts for Puma Energy, they were faced with a unique set of challenges, not the least of which was geography. The stylish, pre-fabricated facings were destined for a chain of gas station convenience stores … in Angola. full article

June 12, 2012
FormaShape Takes a Bite Out of Theme-Park Branding
Okanagan-based FormaShape made an impression at the Audubon Nature Institute in New Orleans, fabricating a 27-foot tall, 35 foot-long reptile to anchor the zoo’s waterpark. full article

April 10, 2012
FormaShape's Unique Branding Solution Gaining Popularity
Kelowna, BC – FormaShape is enjoying a rapid surge in interest for their newest product, SilkTek, an innovative fibreglass product designed to respond to the changing needs of independent fuel marketers. “Over the past two years we’ve seen a growing trend towards ‘de-branding’ of gas stations across North America..." full article

August 16, 2011
Family-Themed Cruise Line Debuts New Water Slide
The design called for a giant replica of the white-gloved hand from everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse supporting the main structure of the slide. Patrons had to immediately recognize the hand, so every detail of the larger-than-life appendage became important, right down to the fingers, 3 of them, and thumb... full article

April 5, 2011
FormaShape™ Lends Expertise in 3D Architectural Design to Local Artist
Local artist Crystal Pryzbille is just one year away from unveiling a unique commemorative sculpture, thanks in part to a generous gift from Kelowna-based manufacturer FormaShape. Pryzbille’s creation of a larger than life bronze statue... full article

June 21, 2010
FormaShape™ Launches New Product Line - FormaStone Panels
FormaShape has been able to capture details and texture of natural stone, wood, and other natural materials in a large panel format, allowing architects and designers to achieve a highly realistic stone cladding, without the high costs of natural materials & mason labor... full article

May 7, 2010
FormaShape™ Announces Appointment of VP - General Manager
FormaShape is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Tim Boothman, P.Eng, to the position of Vice President and General Manager. Over the past twelve years with parent company WhiteWater West Industries Ltd., Tim has made significant contributions... full article

Mar 8, 2010
FormaShape™ Contributes to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games
FormaShape was responsible for manufacturing several sets of giant Olympic Rings which were featured at various venues during the games.  FormaShape also worked closely with the German Team to create a Bobsleigh ice channel... full article

Jan 22, 2010
FormaShape™ Achieves Breakthrough in Translucent Fiberglass
...SilkTek Vision is an important breakthrough for the retail petroleum and signage industry, which typically relies on illumination of low strength vinyl and acrylic materials that have short life expectancy, high maintenance costs and high energy costs to backlight... full article

Feb 19, 2008
FormaShape™ launches low-cost reimaging product
...developed a cost effective re-imaging solution that enables smaller retail petroleum marketers to achieve the premium facility branding standards of their larger competitors... full article

Jun 22, 2007
FormaShape™ Announces $750,000 Investment in New Technology
...announced today that it is investing $750,000 in new technology to extend its manufacturing capabilities. The acquisition of the PaR Systems Inc. MRTM 125 Marine Milling 5-axis router... full article

May 9, 2007
Formashape™ Produces World's Largest Waterslide Part Using RTM Process
...announced today that it has produced the world's largest waterslide part using the Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) closed moulded process... full article

Apr 04, 2007
Formashape™ Collects OSTEC Innovation Award
The Okanagan Science and Technology Council (OSTEC) has named FormaShape, a division of Whitewater Composites and market leader in the design and manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP)... full article

Oct 16, 2006
FormaShape™ Announces New Lean Appointment
Lean is a business performance improvement tool that focuses on enhancing quality, cost, delivery, and people, and has been instrumental to streamlining FormaShape's production process... full article

Jun 29, 2006
Deal With Irving Oil Announced
FormaShape Announces Deal With Irving Oil to supply the company with newly designed fascia and gasoline pump shrouds for its re-branded forecourt design... full article

Jun 13, 2006
Whitewater Composites Launches FormaShape™
Whitewater Composites has announced that it is creating a new division, FormaShape™ to market and sell its architectural fascia design and manufacturing capabilities and products to the retail sector... full article

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