Mission Statement

FormaShape™ partners with clients to deliver customized composite solutions - worldwide. Our continuous advancement of technology consistently creates high quality solutions that generate superior returns on customer investments. Our commitment to shareholders and our employees is to provide a fair return on their investment.

FormaShape™ is a leading fiberglass manufacturing company which offers custom signage design for architectural façade and cladding structures. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities will provide your company with high-quality products to enhance your company's image. Our services are customer-oriented and our product is build to last!

Values Statement

Committed to Professionalism, Innovation and Constant Improvement

  • Safety us everyone's top priority.
  • When our customers are happy, we're happy.
  • We believe that work should be creative and fun, and carried out in a positive atmosphere.
  • We operate with integrity.
  • We strive for continual improvement.
  • We believe in accountability and responsibility for every employee.

In organization performance, The Company is seeking:

  • Employee satisfaction through employee commitment to the Company, quality of life, job satisfaction, and good morale;
  • Good employer-employee relations with low employee resistance to change, minimum conflict within the Company, low rate of absenteeism, low rates of grievance, and low employee turnover;
  • Good economic performance with the highest product and service quality. The highest level of customer satisfaction, high productivity, and a good return on invested capital;
  • The continuing upgrade of skills of all employees to distance ourselves from our competition, and allow for the introduction and implementation of new, more efficient manufacturing and technology systems.

Underlying FormaShape's™ ideology and business objectives is the recognition of the importance of communication in achieving those goals.

Major emphasis must be put on communications throughout the Company. Good, open and comprehensive communication internally, as well as externally to all stakeholders. It is vital that all FormaShape's™ Mission and Values Statements as well as the FormaShape™ ideology, how we intend to reach our goals, and what our progress is to date.


Commitment to our community: FormaShape™ encourages employee participation in community involvement, and conducts its business in a manner responsible to community and environmental concerns.

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