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FormaShape™ Charitable Donations

FormaShape™ cares about the community it operates within and conducts its business in a manner responsible to community and environmental concerns.

Employee Participation

As part of this commitment, FormaShape™ encourages participation of its employees in their local communities. To help support this participation, the Company budgets each year for an amount to be set aside each fiscal quarter for donations to charities that are supported by our employees.

Some examples of registered charities supported by our employees in the past include:

· The United Way
· Okanagan Single Parent Food Bank
· Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake
· The Bridge Youth & Family Services Christmas Hamper Campaign

Donation Request Process

Employees who meet the following eligibility requirements make an application through the Company's Human Resources Department (HR). HR will then advise the employee whether that fiscal quarter's allotment has been taken, and if so, the earliest date that the following quarter's allotment will become available.

Eligiblity Requirements

  • An employee must be a full time employee with the Company and have a minimum of one year's uninterrupted service with the Company.
  • The charity to which the employee wishes the Company to help support must be a registered Canadian charity.
  • The employee must have contributed a minimum of 75 hours to that charity within the last twelve months.
  • The employee must not have been granted an application in that twelve month period.
If you know a FormaShape™ employee who meets the above requirements or would like to make a presentation to our FormaShape™ Morale Committee to generate employee interest in your registered charity, please fill out the request form below.

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