Company Ideology

FormaShape™ is a dynamic organization, which is continually evolving towards the achievement of its business objectives and goals. The Company has recently experienced a new focus with new leadership, new financing, and emphasis on productivity and restructured operations as well as the adoption of a progressive decision making ideology.

The abililty to focus and attain these objectives is being consciously driven by the FormaShape™ ideology, which manifests itself in the culture and day-to-day reality of the work place. The Company's core belief is rooted in its commitment to quality of both product and services to the customer and is achieved through the harnessing of the experience and talent embedded in each and every employee.

At FormaShape™, the ideology is one that uses participative decision-making at all levels. It is a work ethic that explains proposed changes to those affected by them, and has open channels of communication both in a horizontal and vertical organizational sense.

The FormaShape™ organizational culture one that is focusing on productivity and achieving goals. Organizational decision-making has the management team unanimously committed to employee involvement programs. There is to be a positive relationship with employees and strong encouragement for employee participation in strategic decisions.

There is a positive labour-management climate and improved organizational performance. This is evidenced through the formation of problem solving groups, employee-management joint programs, team based work activities, and emphasis on quality, the achievement of cost reduction and consistent improvement in on-time performance, and the adoption of Kaizen principles.

The Company strives for a labour-management climate where the discussions of issues take place in an atmosphere of good faith, and grievances are settled promptly. The goal is for both labour and management to make sincere efforts to solve problems, for management to seek labour's input before initiating changes, for both parties to exchange information freely, and for all participants to have respect for each other's goals.

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